Ayurvedan Heart is now able to offer a 5 day residential retreat (in some cases 7 days will be indicated).   You will be asked to first come for a consultation to discuss your current state of health. A detoxification program (Panchakarma) is then designed to suit your individual needs.  During this program you will be supported and guided and your progress monitered.

What does the program include?

You receive daily snehana and bashpaswedana (see treatments) and any other treatments that will be of benefit to you. 

Ayurvedic herbs and teas are prescribed daily.

Accommodation in your own self-contained cabin.

3 specially prepared Ayurvedic meals per day.

Time to yourself to meditate, practise gentle yoga, walk in Nature, listen to music, be silent where possible, taking a break from the stresses of daily life and modern technology. This is an important part of detoxifying mind and body.

Total package $900 (this includes snehana and bashpaswedana - any other treatments will be charged accordingly)