Why a 5 day course?

To obtain the most profound benefits from these Purvakarma and Panchakarma treatments, Ayurvedic practitioners traditionally prescribe 

according to your individual needs and treatments are given over a period of 5 consecutive days, or more in some cases. Once your course is completed, the need to repeat it (or part of it) may not arise for some months or even less often in most cases.
However, shorter courses may be given if required. Also you can receive any of the treatments on a weekly or once-off basis.


Note: If you choose, you may wish to receive only Lifestyle and Dietary guidance through Consultations without receiving any treatments. However the combination of Consultation and Panchakarma treatments is traditionally recommended.


Residential Retreat

Ayurvedan Heart is now offering accommodation to any patients attending the 5 day course - for those having to drive more than a short distance each day to come for treatments, it is recommended to benefit from the full retreat - details via email